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Goal 10,000 by 2030
About us

Collaborative voices for children

Our mission is to improve the lives of children from Delaware County who live in situations that threaten their physical and emotional health and well-being through targeted programs, advocacy and support.

Our vision is for all children to live happily, without hunger or poverty, without exposure to traumas, and with equal access to high-quality education.

Our Programs

Introducing Our Programs

Our programs help us to realize our vision: For all children living in Delaware County to live happily, without hunger or poverty, without exposure to traumas, and with equal access to high quality education.
$30,000 Goal

Helping high school students achieve their goal of attending and graduating from college.


$40,000 Goal

Teaching survivors about resilience through trauma-informed care and helping children to heal.

$50,000 Goal

Providing an easier transition from homelessness so that families can focus on healing. 


$60,000 Goal

Providing food, school supplies, clothing, and more to support our communities children and families in need. 

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Our Story

Welcome to Every Child Counts

Watch as co-founder, Dr. June Messam, reflects on Every Child Count's origin story and gives an overview of the programs offered. ECC began with the belief that every child deserves the chance to succeed. Our founders, driven by personal experiences and a passion for child advocacy, created a community where children can thrive. Through dedicated programs and partnerships, we provide resources, education, and support to children and their fam

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Voices of Impact

Hear from Families and Communities Who Have Experienced the Transformative Power of Our Programs and Initiatives.

Moses B. ECC Scholar

Your show of confidence in me is very meaningful and very much lifts my spirit when my inner voice wonders if I can succeed at college, the confidence you have in me helps to quiet those doubts. Thank you. I could go on and on about Every Child Counts and the numerous times they have met the needs of children – they have never turned down a request for help and are a wonderful asset to this community.

Ms. Dunston Teacher

Rm 3 would like to give thanks to you and Every Child Counts. We appreciate every donation! Thank you for thinking about us.

Ms. Rosie C. Teacher

My second grade classroom has been absolutely blessed to receive funding and support from Dr. Messam and ECC. They have donated school supplies, snacks and breakfast food to nourish our students. I’m supportive of everything they do for the community.

JoAnne B. CYS Caseworker

ECC has never turned down a request to help children. I could go on and on about them. From their huge Thanksgiving baskets, toys for Christmas, school supplies for children in need and necessities for children in foster care, ECC is a wonderful asset to this community.

Anonymous Teacher

The students in my classroom both last year and this year have benefited and thrived with supplies provided by ECC. We have received beautiful multicultural picture books and a real butterfly larva to study the life cycle of a butterfly. Thank you ECC.

Mykia M. Teacher

I went to an ECC event at Chester Eastside Ministries and I was blessed with curtains for my living room and blankets for the daycare I work for. I felt welcomed and appreciated. I admire how passionate and supportive the volunteers were at the giveaway. Thank you ECC.

Courtney D.S. Teacher

I’m at teacher at ApplePie. ECC has blessed many children and the neighborhood with their giveaways. Children received stuffed animals, blankets, books and toys. We appreciate ECC. Thank you

Sam Volunteer

Hi, my name is Sam. I’m from Chester. I had the privilege to volunteer/help and see how ECC gives back to Delaware County. Parents came alone or they came with their children. They called their friends and they came to the giveaway. Everyone left happy. Thank you ECC.

Ms. Whitfield Teacher

Thank you for your kindness and generosity towards my students. I am truly grateful for your organization. My God continue to make you a blessing

Donna E. Donor & Volunteer

During these turbulent days when young people can still have hopes and dare to dream, ECC comes alongside, guiding, encouraging and enabling them to make their dreams a reality. Thank you ECC.

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