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Child abuse crosses all socioeconomic and educational levels, all religions, cultures and ethnic groups. Once children are traumatized, their lives become an uphill battle for survival. ECC seeks to decrease the cycle of violence observed in our community and to stop revictimization by teaching survivors of all types of child abuse who access services through ECC about resilience through trauma informed care. For victims who are not ready to talk about their trauma, ECC plans to provide alternative forms of trauma focused therapies: Art therapy, Yoga and Dance/Movement Therapy.

ECC is now serving a completely new type of trauma victim caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – kids who have lost family members. We teamed up with several groups to provide COVID-19 vaccines to children in the community. To date, we have held three community vaccine clinics.

ECC is dedicated to ALL child survivors of trauma in Delco and will assist them wherever they are in their journey to heal.

Children who experience abuse are significantly more likely to be re-victimized. Studies show that about 30% of children who have been abused are likely to be re-victimized within a year​.

Source: Office of Justice Programs