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The objective of our program, Operation Graduate, is to help students who live in poverty or who are victims/survivors of trauma living in Delaware County attain a college degree. Education matters. The relationship between poverty and educational attainment is well known. The higher the educational achievements of a community, the lower the poverty level. Factors associated with living in poverty such as hunger, housing instability, increased crime, increased childhood trauma and exposure to violence in general make it difficult for children to reach their highest educational potential. ECC seeks to address this educational issue by providing resources and mentors for students who meet our criteria to reach their goal of attending and successfully completing college. Each year for the last 4 years, ECC has provided college supplies for 20 high school students per year. We are now including monetary scholarships and plan to grow our resources as we continue to succeed.

Only 21% of low-income, first-generation students complete a bachelor’s degree within six years, compared to 66% of their more advantaged peers​.

Source: Penn GSE